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Welcome to Royal 8 International tea 

Our artisan blend of organic signature teas is designed to transform your mind and body.

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Our Royal Story 

Our journey began in January of 2014 when our CEO Samantha Singletary embarked on a voyage of introspection while writing her first novel "Seasons of Change: A Journey to Wholeness." Samantha noticed that like many other women she placed her physical and mental wellness last. As rewarding and fulfilling as motherhood and her career was, her passion and commitment to both left her with little time to nurture herself.  No longer willing to abandon herself in her quest to nurture others and build a career, she embarked upon a voyage of introspection, at the end of which she found revelation and inspiration.  The revelation seemed to be a simple one; almost too simple – tea.  Tea?  Yes, tea.  


Our Signature tea blends 

Explore our signature collection of teas. You will find some of your favorite flavors in our Royal Garden collection. You will also discover our one-of-a-kind signature blends in our Royal Queen Collection and our Seasons Collection, which are sure to change your tea experience.


our mission

Royal 8 International tea mission is to provide you multiple cups of tea from a single serving tea bag. We take the base tea leaves, embrace a myriad of herbs, spices and natural flavors to create signature tea blends, all the while inviting you into the world of the elite and transforming your mind and body. 

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