Mental Domination

Mental Domination

Tea is not just a drink its a healer. Tea leaves, herbs, and spices have been used for thousands of years to heal ailments in the body. The study of tea leaves, herbs and spices lead to researchers agreeing there are natural ways to heal your body and promote longevity of life.

There was recent research conducted which, showed cognitive improvement in those who were regular tea drinkers. This research was conduct with Chinese subjects over the age of 50 who drank tea at least three times a day.

The study also showed that green tea and black or oolong tea decreased the neurological damage by a significant amount. There are several benefits health properties green tea, and oolong tea carry. 

 Green tea and oolong tea has anti-inflammatory antioxidants and bioactive properties, which protects the brain from neurodegeneration. These tea leaves also have a bioactive compound of catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins and L-theanine which aide is slowing down the process of dementia and Alzheimer's. 

The study showed those who drank at least one cup of tea a day, 50% less likely to experience symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia. The tea seemed to decrease the effects of ALZ and Dementia. 

In this country, 5.5 million people suffer from ALZ (, and 200,000 are under the age of 65 years old. Just imagine if we drank more organic tea blends how much health we are giving our bodies, and fighting off life-altering diseases. 

Tea is not just a drink; it is a healer. You can change the way your brain functions by drinking tea. 

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