Hearts Need love too!

Hearts Need love too!

                  February is heart health month in our nation. Everyone will be dressed in red on February 3rd to represent heart health. Dress your cups with heart health too. Hibiscus tea!Yes, Hibiscus tea has such great benefits for your heart. Over 610,000 people are dying within the United States from heart disease every year; this number is staggering. Prevention and improvement of your health are vital to you living a successful life.

The biggest contributor to cardiovascular disease is hypertension. 70 million people receive a diagnosis of high blood pressure every year; this number is ever increasing.

We all dread those annual physicals, hoping we get to leave one more year medication free. For many, this does not always happen. The doctor calls back some patients who hear, "you have Hypertension, and here is your medicine." These words make you feel ill because your once perfect bill of health has a new friend "medicine."

The regiment of diet and exercise can help improve your heart. However, there is a hidden truth in Hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea is an infused flower made of calyces and Roselle. This tropical plant is full of antioxidants, Vitamin C, minerals, and Anthocyanins. The Anthocyanins are believed to act as ACE inhibitors and assist in lowering the blood pressure. This full cocktail of benefits in a cup of tea can lower your blood pressure and work against hypertension. Yes, you can decrease hypertension by 13.2% if you drink at least three times a day an 8-oz. Cup of Hibiscus tea.

Places like West Africa, Europe, Asia, and Jamaica have used this beautiful red flower, for medicinal purposes. This tea tastes like cranberries and can be drunk hot or cold. The maximum benefit of hibiscus tea comes from preparing it hot.   

The hidden benefit of its antioxidant power is the tea also removes sodium out of your body not affecting the potassium in your body like most prescribed diuretics. You can help your heart know you love it by drinking Hibiscus Tea.

You still think you do not need to drink it? Well, here is another great benefit.

Many of American workers deal with tremendous stress due to long hours and high demand. Stress is known to cause damage to the heart. Hibiscus tea can decrease stress in the body. Antioxidants fight off free radicals and produce a calming effect in the body. The heart can relax and heal itself. Now, is that not amazing?

Are we not all wanting just to relax these days? Well, here is your opportunity. Grab your favorite mug and a packet of organic hibiscus tea and transform your mind and body. Relax your thoughts and give your heart a chance to heal. Life gets no better than that!

Pick up a box of Hibiscus tea and tell yourself "I love my heart!"

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In honor of Heart health month we have included a fact sheet from The CDC: