Our journey began in January of 2014 when our CEO Samantha Singletary embarked on a voyage of introspection while writing her first novel "Seasons of Change: A Journey to Wholeness." Samantha noticed that like many other women she placed her physical and mental wellness last.

As rewarding and fulfilling as motherhood and her career was, her passion and commitment to both left her with little time to nurture herself.  No longer willing to abandon herself in her quest to nurture others and build a career, she embarked upon a voyage of introspection, at the end of which she found revelation and inspiration.  The revelation seemed to be a simple one; almost too simple – tea.  Tea?  Yes, tea.  

Sitting down with a warm cup was almost magical; transformative.  Like an elixir, tea induced a momentary calm amid an often-hectic schedule and even seemed to transform self-image.  Samantha's days as a naval officer’s wife having tea time with the other wives came to mind.  

In those moments, she felt feminine, powerful, regal and at ease – like royalty.  And she could tell the other women did too.  While reflecting, she wondered, “Why shouldn’t every woman feel like that?”  She thought, "What if my moment with a cup of tea can last past a single serving?" 

At that moment, Royal 8 International Tea was born with the intent to provide more cups of tea per bag and transform the tea experience for women all over the world. 

Life is busy, Queen, but even the Queen of England makes time in her schedule to have high-quality tea.

 If you’re ready for more than one serving of tea per tea bag; if you’re willing to embrace a myriad of herbs, spices, and flavors in an artisan tea; if you are ready to transform your tea experience– then you’re ready for Royal 8 International Tea. 

Come and have "A Sip of Royal-Tea" with us.