Explore our signature collection of teas. You will find some of your specialty blends in our Collections.  You will also discover our convenience of teas being available in a to go ziplock bag and filled with health properties in our Royal Collection, which are sure to change your tea experience.

Our signature teas are created with a myriad of real pieces of fruit, botanicals, spices, and herbs to create a full and distinct flavor that you can enjoy year round.  Our goal is to give you sophisticated flavors, convenience and value, which is why we blend our teas in a measured consistency to provide you with at least 3 full-flavored cups of tea per bag.
In addition to using base tea leaves such as white tea, oolong, rooibos, black and green tea to create Organic and artisan blends, which are free from artificial flavorings; we are proud to say our tea bags are also environmentally safe. Our motto at Royal 8 International Tea is "Triple Cups of Health for the Queen on the go". 

It is the mission of Royal 8 International Tea to provide a world-class Tea experience. Our artisan blend of organic signature teas is designed to increase your health and give the busy woman access to teas on the go. Whether your struggle is with allergies or fighting off the cold and flu season, our antioxidant blends will help bolster your immune system, relax your body and provide the mental clarity you’ll need to live a top-class life.

Each moment you spend sipping our tea you are sure to taste the robust flavors and increase your overall health. The Royal 8 International Tea signature blends are all 100% American grown and masterly blended by our CEO Samantha Singletary.

We welcome you to Royal 8 International Tea, where we care about the busy Queens, and we provide "Triple Cups of Health for the Queen on the go".